Tuesday, January 24, 2012

American Experience Season 24, Episode 3 Geronimo Watch Online

About The Series:American Experience is a television program airing on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Public television stations in the United States.Watch Video Online American Experience Season 24, Episode 3 On 24 January Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO PBS Watch Season 24, Episode 3 For Free Trailer and Preview of 24th January 2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch American Experience Episode Full On PBS TV 24 January 2012 English Drama Serial. Watch American Experience PBS Video online Free, American Experience Series Download Free PBS On 24 jan 2012 Online Tv Live StreamingThe program airs documentaries, many of which have won awards, about important or interesting events and people in American history. A trademark of the series is its ability to take lesser-known events in history, such as the history of Coney Island or Tupperware, and expand on the topic, showing how that event reflected larger, more important themes in American culture or society.The series premiered on October 4, 1988, and was originally titled The American Experience, although the "The" was dropped during a later brand and image update. The show has had a presence on the Internet since 1995, and more than 100 American Experience programs are accompanied by their own websites, which have more background information on the subjects covered as well as teachers' guides.The show is produced primarily by WGBH in Boston,Massachusetts, though occasionally in the early seasons of the show, it was co-produced by other PBS stations such as WNET in New York and KCET in Los Angeles.The documentaries are extensively researched,[citation needed] often taking years to complete.[citation needed] Some programs now considered part of the American Experience collection were produced prior to the creation of the series. Vietnam: A Television History was one of them, airing in 1983 after taking six years to assemble. Also, in 2006, American Experience rebroadcast Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years, the first half of the award-winning 1986 documentary about the African American civil rights movements of the 1950s and 1960s.

Series Summary:
Since 1988, PBS has broadcast a series that focuses on the history of the United States and what has made it unique. Called American Experience (originally titled The American Experience), the program examines the people, events, technology, and natural resources that have shaped the country. Hosted by David McCullough until 2002 and narrated by a number of well-known personalities - American Experience uses historians and authors, period images and film, music, dramatic re-enactments, and contemporary context to set the stage for its topics.

Episode Summary:
Descendants of Chiricahua Apache warriors attempt to dispel myths surrounding Geronimo and the Apache resistance, a 20-year struggle between Apaches and settlers in the 19th-century Southwest.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: David McCullough, David Ogden Stiers and Joe Morton
Creator: Henry Hampton
Episode Air date: Tuesday 24th January,2012
9:00 PM PBS Network
Release date:October 1988 (USA)
Genres:Crime, History, War,Documentary, Biography
Executive producers: Judy Crichton, Margaret Drain, Mark Samels
Running time: 55 minutes
Presented by: David McCullough
Theme music Composer :Charles Kuskin, Mark Adler, The Chambers Brothers
Country of origin: United States
Language: English