Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Magicians Season 2,Episode 3 Series 2,Episode 3 Watch Online

Show Info: The Magicians is a British family entertainment television show, first broadcast throughout January 2011 on BBC One.The show features magicians performing a number of magic tricks with guest celebrities, competing for audience support The Magicians, Season 2, Episode 3, Series 2, Episode 3, The Magicians Season 2, Episode 2 Saturday 21th January 2012 Youtube Video BBC ONE (UK) Network Watch Season 2, Episode 3 Series 2, Episode 3 For Free Trailer and Preview of Saturday 21th January 2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers Online Watch Online Tv Live Streaming, Live Streams Video, The Magicians Episode Full On BBC ONE (UK) Network Saturday 21th January 2012 Free Season 2, Episode 3 Series 2, Episode 3 on BBC ONE (UK) Network drama streaming dailymotion video The Magicians Saturday 21th January 2012 BBC ONE (UK) Network English Drama Serial.Watch Free Online The Magicians Series zshare,Online Free Tv Drama Episodes, Video Summary,The show returned for a second series on 7 January 2012, with new host Darren McMullen, replacing series 1 host Lenny Henry. Also Jason Latimer and Pete Firman join regulars Barry and Stuart replacing Luis de Matos and Chris Korn as the magicians.Each episode features each of magicians being paired-up with a guest celebrity performer to perform these magic tricks:The former of these is always performed on-set in front of a live studio audience, the latter shown as a pre-recorded sequence filmed on location, while the trick of the celebrity's choosing varies between being performed live and having been pre-recorded. The order in which the magicians perform, and the order in which each of the three tricks is done, changes from show to show.After all nine performance, members of the studio audience vote (live phone-in vote for the second series) for their favourite magician-celebrity partnership using an audience response system, and the host then reveals the 1st, 2nd, and finally, 3rd positions of the magicians, as chosen by the studio audience. Those in the 3rd position must then attempt a forfeit trick that has been previously explained to the magician, but not the celebrity; it will be their first time performing this trick. The forfeit trick is usually of a dangerous nature. In Series 2, the forfeit trick is revealed to the magician-celebrity partnerships before ths show starts each week.In Series 2, the show returned as a live show, making it the first live magic programme to be broadcast on the BBC in more than 30 years.It also introduced a new trick to be performed - a pre-recorded "Grand Illusion" on location and the "Celebrity's Choice" tricks were replaced with live close-up tricks.

Show Summary:
Incredible illusions, mind-bending magic and classic tricks with a contemporary twist, performed by some of the world's best magicians. "The Magicians" is a reality series which sees different magicians being paired up with celebrities. Each week the different pairs have to compete over three rounds performing classic tricks with contemporary twists. The studio audience decides who should win each week. The team that comes last have to take part in a dangerous forfeit that no one will want to tackle. The series was hosted by Lenny Henry in Season 1, and Darren McMullen in Season 2.

Episode Summary:
World Champion of Magic, Latimer, is joined by Pussycat Doll and Got to Dance judge Kimberly Wyatt; comedy magician Pete Firman is paired with Great British Bake Off presenter Mel Giedroyc, and Barry and Stuart team up with former world heavyweight boxing champion David Haye. Viewers at home get the chance to vote for their favourite act, with each act performing four mind-blowing magic tricks, two of which are live, so anything could happen. The battle is firmly on, as the act with the fewest votes must face a terrifying live forfeit - but who will it be?

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Barry Jones, Stuart MacLeod and Lenny Henry
Director: Julian Smith
Episode Air date: Saturday 21th January 2012
6:35 PM On BBC ONE (UK)
Release date:1st January 2011 (USA)
Genre: Reality-TV, Family
Executive producers: Karen Smith, Sam Donnelly
Production Co: Shine
Running time: 60 minutes
Country: UK
Language: English
Filming Locations: Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath,
Buckinghamshire, England, UK